Daily does it

It’s so easy to sit back and think ‘nothing inspires me’. It’s so easy to lose the ‘mojo’ and drift away from any sort of art practice.

I have been very blessed to have several mentors at various times in my life. One in particular was a great encouragement and influence before her untimely death. She instilled into me the need for practising daily. She described it as flexing the creative muscles. This daily routine doesn’t need to fulfil all the satisfaction of creating a Life’s work – in fact – more often than not it will be just doing SOMETHING to keep those muscles flexed.

That’s where I am at the moment. I am daily flexing my muscles. It is second nature to do something now – whether it’s a little ninepatch collage



or a few dabs of paint on an index card



It may not seem much – but all the time the creative juices keep flowing and ideas are constantly popping into my head. I don’t waste those thoughts and ideas. I make notes in my journal.

Thanks for reading.


A quick resume

I work in a variety of media:

Fabric, threads, paint, paper, canvas and more.

I use a variety of supplies:

My own hand dyed fabrics and threads, journals, sketchbooks, printing materials…… and much more.

I use a sewing machine, an embellisher, paint brushes and lots, lots more.

You will meet some of them –

The next post will give you a round up of my current daily work. It doesn’t amount to much as I am only recently out of hospital and meant to be taking it easy.

Thanks for reading.